Various tutorials for Nolf1, Nolf2, AvP2 & Contact J.A.C.K (2.1, 2.2, Talon and Jupiter)
3dsm tutorials:
3ds max Terrain TutorialFatty
jupiter tutorials:
Add demolition to a map (CJ only)Spawn
Add doomsday mode to your mapSpawn
Build cleanWiky
Build laddersSpawn
Build your first roomWiky
Create LightrayesSpydave
Create PolygridsSpydave
Custom ingame textSpawn
Dynamic OccludersSpydave
How add triggered doorsSpawn
How to add custom level musicSpawn
How to make a Transparent textureSpawn
Make a bombable wall (CJ demolition)Wiky
Making a keyframed cutscene (video)ElZerro
Scale staircasesSpawn
Scatter volumesWiky
Setup Dedit properlySpawn
Using console commandsWiky
Using KeyframersWiky
lithtech1 tutorials:
Destroyable Objects3rdplayer
Creating a fence3rdplayer
Creating invisible walls3rdplayer
Door tutorial3rdplayer
First World Tutorial3rdplayer
lithtech2 tutorials:
Adding teleporters to your mapSpawn
AI MessagesGhost Dog
AI tutorialGhost Dog
Basic AMMic (Nolfnews.com)
Basic LadderMic (Nolfnews.com)
Basic skyMic (Nolfnews.com)
BuildingMic (Nolfnews.com)
Done (make rez)Mic (Nolfnews.com)
Keyframer tutorialGhost Dog
Laser beam tutorialLegbat
LightsMic (Nolfnews.com)
Most Common DEdit Questions AskedCoty
Nosnap tutorialCrustlessMist
Open projectMic (Nolfnews.com)
Rotating DoorMic (Nolfnews.com)
Setup Dedit2.2 properlySpawn
Sliding doorMic (Nolfnews.com)
SoundFxMic (Nolfnews.com)
TransparentMic (Nolfnews.com)
Using props instead of weapon itemsSpawn
WaterMic (Nolfnews.com)
WeaponsMic (Nolfnews.com)
ZipcordMic (Nolfnews.com)
other tutorials:
Make your own installerBlackAngel
talon tutorials:
Adding new player view modelsHerrAlien
AvP2 Map Brush Detail TutorialWindebieste
AvP2’s ZombiesHerrAlien
Building terrain using heightmapsHerrAlien
Changing the character model hitbox for AvP2HerrAlien
Directional TriggersHerrAlien
Evac LightsHerrAlien
Model Creation OverviewTimmyG
Numeric code lockHerrAlien
Portable sentry gunsHerrAlien
Simple AI Escort for AvP2HerrAlien
















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