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Death Mountain
Game:Contract J.A.C.K
A convertion of the Nolf2 custom map, added jetpacks to support pegasus mod. I'm proud to present to you all the final cut of my second map, Death Mountain! This map will be added to the new map pack which will also be released very soon; hopefully less than a week according to Spawn who has been working long and hard to create a grand new system using an updated NOLF2 launcher. No more messing around with Rez files. I'm not going to say any more about that right now. You're just going to have to wait for it to come out! Back on topic, this is the final cut for Death Mountain and although I'd love for you all to download and view this map, I strongly recommend that you wait until the new map pack is released because it will be included. Not to mention you will save yourself an extra download. Before I shut up, I'd just like to personally thank everyone who commented on my BETA version and those who gave me feedback. I took all comments into consideration and I think that you will all enjoy the final version. Also a HUGE thanks to Spawn for helping me with geometry cleanup and optimizing the map's performance. The barrels are also his handy work, but I managed to slap my custom text on the barrels as well if you look at them. ;) I will say one last thing: There are five unique secret ammo caches in this map. You will hear a secret sound if you find these areas. I will not reveal these areas for a while in hopes that people will
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