Lithtech DAT Reader 0.2.4
Posted by:Spawn
time:2024-02-07 - 21:11


The One's latest project is here. A new .dat file reader
This is the compiled level files in the lithtech games.
Normally you cannot edit these files unless you have the .ed source file but with this tool you can view them and learn how the map was made.

More here

PS: I figured out why that list of players got cut off sometimes


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Custom Map Pack 2022 is here!
Posted by:Spawn
time:2022-07-11 - 11:28


02.12 - Sorry for the downtime, had to update some code after upgrading to php 8

Download Here

Also be sure to check out

AkvenJan's ESRGAN Upscale Pack

This is a texture upscale pack that will upscale the texture size by 4 times. Thanks to AkvenJan for spending all this time and effort to make Nolf better.

It consists of 6 parts:



If you think 4 times is a bit much, then there is a 2x version as well

To avoid issues with custom maps in multiplayer, I would recommend only loading the COMMON 1 & 2 rez files. Reason for this is that the custom map .dat files aren't updated to work with the upscaled textures. However, the whole single player game is.
So in singleplayer, load them all

Download Here or Here


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 beta server
Posted by:Spawn
time:2021-07-03 - 21:39


Download the map line-up in a single rez file below:

Alien World By Legbat
Worlds Apart By Legbat
Highrise Sniper By Legbat
Hell on earth revisited By Legbat
Heavy weapons By Legbat
Cargoship By Blackcat
Corridors 2021 By Spawn

(last update 29.03.2022, due to missing textures)

Download <-- (Link is changed and points to map pack instead)


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Three new (beta) Assault maps available for download...
Posted by:Legbat
time:2021-04-21 - 13:30


I've been meaning to post here about my new (beta) maps for a while. Two are products of the map I posted about here a while back. I decided to split THAT project in two to increase framerates and improve gameplay. The end results are ALIEN WORLD and WORLDS APART. My third new map is something I put together in a relatively short period of time (for me) but I'm very happy with the final product. It's called HIGHRISE SNIPER. All three have been playtested a fair amount and any known issues have been addressed but post here if anything else is noticed. I've included some screenshots below.


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No One Lives Forever 2 Modernizer 1.4 Beta
Posted by:Spawn
time:2020-09-22 - 15:53


Here it is! Hey Jake has done it again

No One Lives Forever 2 Modernizer - Beta 2.0c

The goal of NOLF 2 Modernizer is to help fix some long standing bugs, and update some more outdated features of the game.

The beta releases are meant to get this mod out the door sooner! However there's sure to be bugs, and probably bugs in the base game that I didn't catch. Before commenting about a crash, please check the known issues section for more information!


You'll need to install VC++2019 Redist before playing, if you have Windows 10 you should be good, but just in case you can check here:

Install Instructions:

- Extract all files to your NOLF 2 directory
- Run NOLF2.exe
- Select "Custom"
- Make sure "Modernizer" is the only item checked
- Run the game and enjoy!


- Widescreen support
- Re-implemented several graphic effects including anti-aliasing
- Rewrote the entire input system
- Marginally better controller support
- Jukebox to play some of your favourite in-game tunes
- Several original game crashes have been fixed
- Game updates are automatically checked in the Multiplayer Menu

Beta 2 Fixes:
- Added a hopefully functional dedicated server
- Fixed the server browser not displaying servers (You had one job!!)
- Fixed scopes and most other overlays
- Fixed view models being slightly stretched
- Found and replanted the missing foilage
- Lots of HUD stretching/position fixes
- Added some experimental options

Known Issues:

The following might not be fixable:
- Anti-aliasing causes a ~1 pixel offset at the edges of 2d elements
- Jukebox Singles take a full second to load
- Due to how the input system was re-written, all controls are now saved in controls.cfg. This doesn't work with the base game so it's not compatiable with any other mods!

The following can be fixed in a future patch:

- Cate's missing from the main menu, we don't know where she went!
- Jukebox can occasionally crash while switching songs
- Jukebox songs are sorted in alphabetical order
- Some Jukebox Singles have duplicate songs
- Controller support is only supported during gameplay, it doesn't work on menus
- Switching to a lower resolution from a fullscreen windowed mode can make the window get stuck in borderless mode
- Almost certainly there's a multiplayer browser crash in there somewhere!
- Music can sometimes be a little jumpy (I've been told the base game had this issue too, but I'm looking into it!)

Misc Notes:

- Controller support is pretty bare bones, this will be touched up in a future patch
- Controller support is not entirely "supported" during the beta releases
- Most of the controller is rebindable except for the rotation/view axis (Right Stick), you'll have to do that manually in controls.cfg!

Controller Code Labels:

Below is a list of controller codes and what they are on the controller.
this is based off of the basic Xbox 360/One controller. However a PS4 or other controller should work fine!

##1 = A
##2 = B
##3 = X
##4 = Y
##5 = Back
##6 = Guide
##7 = Start
##8 = Left Stick
##9 = Right Stick
##10 = Left Shoulder
##11 = Right Shoulder
##12 = DPad Up
##13 = DPad Down
##14 = DPad Left
##15 = DPad Right
##16 = Left Axis X
##17 = Left Axis Y
##18 = Right Axis X
##19 = Right Axis Y
##20 = Left Trigger
##21 = Right Trigger

Custom Controller Mappings:

The new input system was written to take advantage of SDL2's game controller api. This enables non-xinput devices to work as if they were xinput devices. If your controller won't work you could try community bindings located [here'>(
Simply drop the `gamecontrollerdb.txt` file into your NOLF 2 game folder and Modernizer will attempt to load it on start-up.

Special Thanks:

- My Partner - For putting up with quite a few late nights
- Nathan Grigg & Monolith Mark - For getting me some wonderful song title suggestions
- SPAWN - For his immense help with testing & organizing the multiplayer community
(Check out his site
- Everyone at LithFAQ - Because they're all such a helpful bunch
- - To whoever actually brings NOLF back from legal hell
- And You - For enjoying such a fantastic forgotten gem

Install instructions

Backup your existing NOLF 2 installation!! You'll have to restore the original install if you want to play without this mod enabled.

Once that's out of the way...

- Extract all files to your NOLF 2 directory
- Run NOLF2.exe
- Select "Custom"
- Make sure "Modernizer" is the only item checked
- Run the game and enjoy!



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New Assault map (10 years in the making) nearing beta testing stage
Posted by:Legbat
time:2020-05-31 - 17:52


I started this map a long, long time ago (before taking over a DECADE off from both playing and editing) and decided to work on it again about 6 months ago. After MANY revisions to the original design and mistakenly telling Spawn several times that it's close to completion, I think I'm pretty happy with the (almost) final result. I've learned a lot of tricks in dEdit since my early days in mapping and I tried to incorporate many of them into this new unnamed map, which is a space station. Since I haven't been able to come up with a clever name for it yet, I'll be seeking your input during the beta playtesting period. There's new interest in playing NOLF online lately and this is my effort to keep that momentum going. Maybe this might even encourage other former mappers to fire up dEdit again.

Legbat AKA KillerCate


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NOLF Modernizer (Patch 1.006)
Posted by:Spawn
time:2020-01-06 - 16:09


No One Lives Forever - Modernizer patch 1.006

This is a update for No One Lives Forever 1 that will fix many known bugs with newer operating systems and let you run the game in higher resolutions, and best of all... A brand New masterserver!

Many Thanks to Hey Jake! for putting so much time and effort into updating this fantastic game

Key Changes

Fixes slowdown with some UI elements (such as looking down scope, or picking items up)
HUD scaling options for most HUD elements
Replaced mouse input code for a more responsive experience
Optional framerate cap to 60fps
Optional 4:3 mode for cutscenes
New Jukebox menu in Options
Working multiplayer out of the box (New master server)
Bumped version to 1.006.
Patched out GameSpy from dedicated/hosted servers and the server browser.
Fixed a bug in ai path finding causing values to not always be accurate.
Fixed a silent out of range bug that could cause enemies to disappear and travel to a nearby galaxy at FTL speed!
Made the console key rebindable. Added Big Head Mode! It's currently a little buggy, but humourous. Check the console command list on how to enable it.
Included some patched binaries to help improve compatibility.
Added a windowed mode toggle to the display options.
Added anisotropic filtering to advanced performance options.
Fixed shadows disappearing between cutscenes and saved games.
Added a "Blackscreen Fix" work around for Intel HD graphics chips in Display options.

A new jukebox that will let you play all the different NOLF tunes

A brand new interface menu with framelimiter and other options.

Check out his website for more info and to download the patch.

For Italian translation: NOLF Modernizer Italian 1.006 Patch 3.1 (translated by Vecna & Gassosa)
For German translation: NOLF Modernizer German 1.006 Patch 3.1 (Updated translation by Icepick)


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New maps and scripts
Posted by:Spawn
time:2019-07-16 - 00:26


2 New (Previously unreleased) Maps for Nolf1

Sauron's Playground

This map was close to finished when I stopped playing back in 2008, it is a assault map and is a tribute to some of the people I played most with back then. There are audio comments here and there from Sauron, Maniah, Nakita, Urukai, Deano and Freezeline.

Hall Of Odin

This map was orginally released for the Pegasus Mod for Contract J.A.C.K, and later NOLF2 back in 2005. I used Talon to convert the LTA to a ED file.
This is a small DM map in 3 levels with tunnels between them.

Both are included in the latest Spawnsite or UnityHQ mappack.
(Identical Map Packs, but different wrapping)

Custom Map Database

This is a database of all maps and singleplayer mods I have been able to find. It will show information about creator, year, game modes etc
Some of these maps have incomplete information because I couldn't find any info about them. You can search by creator, game, name of the map. Every map can also be shared by copying the link below them. If you have additional information please leave a post in the forum.

Check it out here

Server/Player Statistics

Me and L.Icepick from eGo Clan have also been working on a way to get statistics from the games. How many players, when are people online etc. This script also contains a monthly highscore table.
This website runs a light version of the same script that will show online servers and players, but the full version with a lot more detail runs on

Check it out here

Updated MapPacks for Nolf1 and Nolf2

I have been searching high and low for various mappacks that had all the maps I knew existed but couldn't find a fully updated one.
So I combined all the ones I found, and also added maps that were single downloads from various websites.
Both mappacks will target the nolf installation and put the mappack where it is supposed to be. The installer will not leave any uninstaller, to get rid of the mappack again, simply delete it from the Custom folder. Both map packs were created in February 2019.

Nolf 1 Custom Map Pack
Nolf 2 Custom Map Pack

The most up to date mappack for Contract J.A.C.K is the one Emm@ Peel created, available at


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 is back
Posted by:Spawn
time:2018-12-18 - 13:51


I believed that the files for this site was gone for good, but then it was not...

A friend of mine used to host this website until 10 years ago and he just happend to have a backup of it all.
Not that I am aware of a huge No one lives forever player base these days or modding community for that matter, I figured why not put the site back up.
Someone might still find what they need here.

The forum is converted from Invision 1.3.1 (which is very old ) to phpbb3.2.4 and as far as I can tell, its a successful conversion now. Many of the images in the forum were hosted elsewhere, which means that if the host is gone, so is the image.

Keep in mind that this was over 10 years ago.

You may also notice that the forum backup was from 2007, but the site went offline in 2008 so 1 year of posts is missing and unfortunatly gone.

Anyway. Hope it can be useful for someone, somewhere

If you never played any Nolf game and wants to check it out or cannot find your cd anywhere,
check out or or

If you are a returning player like me, there is a few things that needs to be tweaked in order to play
No one lives forever 2 online, you can read more about that HERE


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Weapons-03 NOLF2 mod
Posted by:URA
time:2007-05-16 - 19:51


I think its about time that I update my NOLF2 mod

- New stuff

M82A1 with 4x SV scope
Beretta 2x Scope
Step zooming for 4x scopes
Chat sound keywords (hi, brb, ok, etc)
New scope crosshairs (color is bound to the 1st person crosshair color)
Spy Vision, lift/drop key = on/off (SV scopes only)
Weapon upgrade (pickup weapon A, does player have A? |Yes, get B| : |No, Get A|

     + Micro Uzi > Dual Micro Uzi's

     + Katana > .32 Beretta

     + Sniper rifle > M82A1 rifle

- Returning weapons

Silenced Sterling
.32 Beretta with silencer and scope

- Modded stuff

P90 (PV): Test laser sight
Sniper rifle with silencer and 2x SV scope
CT180 now with 2x SV scope
Jumping about 5 times now clears burning damage (untested with phos)
CateGlasses2 attachment; all Cate MP models
IsakoGlasses attachment; Isako MP model

- Fixes

Fire perturb (was partly broken in Weapons-02)

Download link


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