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A3D/EAX or another 3D Sound Support ?

Posted: Sat Feb 12, 2022 2:37 pm
by TP555 1981

i have read your Nolf FAQ , and i have found there something about a MX300 Aureal Soundcard.
is there a possibility to Enable A3D Support ?

in the Launcher no Options , i have find this in Shogo : Mobile Armor Division
i have add this in the Autoexec.cfg : "3dsoundprovider"X" , and replace the .m3d Files from Shogo.
but no Succses til now !

an Modern A3D Driver gives here : A3D-Live + DOAL Req. ... 363-dsoal/ A3D-Live + DSOAL for better HRTF , also no more like Left/Right Stereo Sound : MDK did just Support A3D , no EAX X !

With Shogo , no Problem with 3D Sound + DSOAL for back the Support after Windows Vista. ! Top 3D Sound :thumb:

And does Nolf no support or allocate dsound.dll , i had try with Creative Alchemy and Dsoal , but no Log will be Created so far. , and of course no Diff. !