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Nolf: errors and solutions

Post by orion_98 » Thu Apr 18, 2024 4:38 pm

1. The message "Catastrophic Failure" is the result of the wrong installation/uninstalling of the game.
With such an error, it is impossible to uninstall the game through the control panel.
Solution: Delete the game manually with the cleaning of the registry.
Download: ...
In the future, to install the game, use the setup.exe file, not autorun.exe and correctly delete the game.

2. The message "An Older Version No One Lives Forever Found .... This Version must be unistalled ..." (i.e., the installer found a old version of the game, so the installation of the game was stopped).
An error is the result of reinstalling the game after incomplete deletion of the old version (information remained in the register).
Solution: see p.1.
After reinstalling the game, in the "Properties" of the Nolf label, delete all the marks on the "Compatibility" tab.

3. The message "Nolf Error: COULDNIT SET D3D EMULATION MODE" or constant black screen.
Such an error on Windows 7 is the result of starting the game with the installed modernizer mod.
Solution 1 (Windows 7): Install the Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015 (for 2015), or Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015-2019 (for 2020)

On Windows 10/11, such an error is the result of installing additional antivirus.
Solution 2 (Windows 10/11): In the antivirus settings, allow the transition of the game to the full-screen mode (disable control over the "game mode"), disable control for SDL2.dll, Nolf.exe and Lithtech.exe files in the game folder.

4. The message "Error in Cinterfacemgr ... COULD Not Initialize InterFaceresmgr."
This error usually appears with incorrect launching modernizer mod.
Solution: First, run the game without modernizer mod:
NOLF NOLF Label -> Launch -> Advanced -> Custom -> Modernizer - Disable - OK - OK - "Start the game"
Then turn on the modernizer mod:
Label of the game Nolf -> Launch -> Advanced -> Custom -> Modernizer - Add - Ok- OK - "Start the game"

5. If you see geometric distortions, restore the default settings:
Nolf labeling -> "Advanced" -> "Restore default settings" -> OK.

6. When the monitor resolution changes, the mouse pointer moves in the limited area of the screen (it is "bug" Modernizer), Press the ESC or ALT-F4 on the keyboard and, using the buttons with the arrow, restart the game. After the restart, Modernizer will work fine.

7. If problems when playing subtitles and dialogs, turn on the Vertical Clock (vertical synchr-impulse) for Lithtech.exe
Through the NVIDIA control panel - 3D settings - software settings - Add - Open the Nolf game folder - select "Lithtech.exe" - turn on.

8. Windows 7: If the game does not start or "slows down" .
Solving the problem of starting old games on Windows 7 see here: ... oft.85969/

9. Modernizer mod normally works on Windows 7/10/11, but after leaving the game, an error message may appear.

10. For the correct launch of old games on Windows 7/10/11, it is advisable to turn off the DEP:
With the right button on the label "this computer" - open the location of the folder - with the right button "this computer" - properties - additional parameters of the system -> Additionally - performance - parameters - preventing data - here to note "turn on the DEP only for the main Windows programs"

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