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Image sizes

Post by Spawn » Fri Oct 15, 2004 1:02 am

Please make sure that the pictures are resized to to max 800px width.. they don't fit in the forum if they are bigger than that... So I'm not saying this to be mean or anyting..

here's a link to a free image resizer made by mircosoft:

Microsoft Image Resizer download

Download and install this and all you have to do afterwards is:

1.) Rightclick the picture you want
2.) Choose resize pictures..
3.) Click advanced
4.) Click custom
5.) Type in e.g 550 x 300 for a screenshot
6.) Click 'ok' and your picture is made

NOTE: Nolf1 generates BMP files when you take screenshots, please convert those to JPG instead.. because of the BMP file's insane filesize! this can be done easily by windows XP's "windows picture and fax viewer", just click the little floppy icon and choose to save the picture as jpg instead of bmp!

Good luck

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