New DTX Utility 7.0

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New DTX Utility 7.0

Post by Spawn » Thu Apr 16, 2020 10:36 pm

DTXUTIL 7.0 Apr 15 2020 Copyright (C) 2002 LithTech, Inc.

Usage: DTXUTIL <command> <input filename> <output filename>

All commands are mutually exclusive.

-tga2dtx (Converts a TGA file into a DTX file)
-tga2bpp32p (Converts a TGA file into 32 bit bitmap file)
-dtx2tga (Converts a DTX file into a TGA file)
-dtx2bpp32p (Converts a DTX file into a 32 bit bitmap file)
-q (Quantize: leaves textures with alpha as true 32 bit)
-qa (Quantize: forces all to be quantized and turned into 32 bit)
-r_q (Recursively quantize: selective -- see above)
-r_qa (Recursively quantize: forces all -- see above)
-r_dtx2tga (Recursively convert DTX files into TGA files)
-r_filldtx (Recursively replace image data in DTX with TGA)
-dtxpixels (Output DTX pixels to a text file in hex format)
-dtxdirreport (Recursively report dtx file info in a directory tree)
-dtxdirdelim (Recursively report dtx file info to a comma delimited file)

Bulk convert a folder:
@echo off
for /R %%a in (*.dtx) do (
"dtxutil.exe" "-dtx2tga" "%%a" "%%~pa/%%~na.tga"
Thanks to The One from for creating this tool :)
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