Adding Teleporters to your map

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Adding Teleporters to your map

Post by Spawn » Sat Apr 04, 2020 7:22 pm

I promised Legbat that I would document something about this subject, and here we go.
Some of the features used has some strange commands and judging by describtions in dedit, some features were not used in the creation of Nolf. Who cares, it works...

1.) Setting up a Prop to resemble a visible teleporter

Put your Marker 64 units above the ground where you want your first teleporter.


Select Prop and hit OK

Go into the Prop's properties: (Yeah I know..)


a) Click damage Properties


(attacked a .ed example file)

CanDamage >> False
NeverDestroy >> True

Hit OK

b) Assign a Model to the Prop
Filename >> PROPS\MODELS\GLOBE.ABC (Type or press B to browse for the file)
Skin >> PROPS\SKINS\GLOBE.DTX (Type or press B to browse for the file)

c) Scale the Prop

I want to scale down this globe a little, it is huge.

Go to Scale

You scale this down to 50% by putting 0.5 instead of 1.0 in all 3 values.

Be sure to also set MoveToFLoor >> False
We don't want our teleporter to look like a egg that smacked into the floor.

You should have a object that looks like this now.

1.) Setting up needed objects

Alright, we got ourselves a non teleporting teleporter so far, atleast it spins.
We leave messaging alone for now and concentrate on placing the objects needed first.

Put the Marker in the center of the Globe Prop, but 32 units above the floor instead of 64units like the prop.

Right click and choose Add Object


Select "Trigger" (don't hit the "+")


Set Dims >> 32.0 32.0 32.0
set NumberOfActivations >> 0

Leave Targets for now

PlayerTeamFilter is optional for Assault maps (0 for all, 1 for Harm only,2 for Unity only)

Lets leave that for now and add the next object
Move the marker 64 units away from the Prop and Trigger in the direction where you want the player to come out of the teleporter. Also put the marker 64units above the floor again.

Add a TeleportPoint Object.


Make sure that the blue line on the object turns away from the Trigger, or you'll find yourself in the middle of the next trigger when you get out.


If you need to adjust the rotation, go to the TeleportPoint's Properties tab and hit Rotation


Then turn Yaw until it faces away from the trigger

Adding activation sound
Move the marker 16 units or so to the side and add a SoundFx


Go into its properties:


Set StartOn >> False
Sound: Browse for a sound to play (I chose "SND\EVENT\ELECARC1.WAV")
Loop >> False

3.) Naming and tidiness when copying and messaging

If you click your Nodes tab in the project window, you'll see that every node can be arranged to keep things tidy. Everything have its own node, objects and brushes.

Right click the Container node to Add a Container Node
I named mine Teleporter1 and then selected the 4 different objects and moved them into this container by Move tagged node here.

It is also a good idea to rename the objects themselves into similar names and numbers like this.


Once all objects have similar names, click the checkbox next to the Teleporter1 folder node.
This will select every node you added and you can copy and paste it somewhere else in the map.
The result would be Teleporter2 (after you rename the new folder node's name)


The objects will rename themselves though.
So in general, we have teleporter 1 and teleporter2

4.) Messaging

Lets start with Teleporter nr1, we would like that one to teleport to Teleporter nr2
Lets select Teleporttrigger1 and go into properties


Set TriggerTouch >> True (even though it says not supported by Nolf)
MessageTouch >> teleport TeleportPoint2

Click Targets


You can write the following object names or you can browse for them by hitting the B

TargetName1 = TeleportSoundFX2 (we want to hear the sound when we get out)
MessageName1 = TRIGGER
TargetName2 = TeleportPoint2 (where we wanna go)
MessageName2 = TRIGGER

Then hit OK

This first teleporter should now work. Next you'd want to select TeleportTrigger2 and do the same thing expect that it should refer to TeleportSoundFX1 and TeleportPoint1 instead.
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Re: Adding Teleporters to your map

Post by Legbat » Sun Apr 05, 2020 12:14 am

Good job, Spawn! It's time-consuming to produce quality, accurate tutorials and you nailed it! Kudos to you for putting this one together :thumb:

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