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AI Animations

Post by Spawn » Wed Jan 16, 2019 12:44 am


The AIs have many animations they can perform, from the default ones (walking,aiming, shooting etc.) to special ones (sleeping,dancing etc.). You can watch at all of them with ModelEdit. These are just a few ones, and I suggest taking a look at them to see what they really look like and how you can use them.

● LeanOnWall: Seems clear.
● PullLeverHi: Pulling a lever (on wall, aprox. breast height).
● PullLeverLo: Pulling a lever (table height).
● Conv1: Conversation animation.
● M2ThrowDown: Pushing something to fall down.
● M3StndPlan: Standing, looking at something an 'planing'.
● M3StndFixW: Fixing something (on wall, head height) with a wrench.
● M3StndFixW: Fixing something (on wall, head height) with a hammer.
● M3CrouchRepairW; M3CrouchRepairH: As above, just crouching.
● Smoke: The bad guys always do, right?
● Drunk: The bad guys always are, as we know.
● F3Dance1, M3Dance2: Fun, fun, fun.
● Si: Just sitting.
● SiDrAs: Sitting asleep.
● St-Si: From Standing to Sitting.
● Si-St: Guess.
● SitUp: Standing up again
● Si-StRifle, Si-StPistol: Standing up and drawing a weapon.
● DrwBa: Sitting asleep again.
● Write: Writing on a blackboard/wall.
● DrwWoke: Wake up, Stand up, Look around.
● Wipe: Wipe a table.
● Sweep: Sweep the floor.

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