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Old Salt:

If anyone has anything to add or correct to below post then please do. I hope this helps you Old Salt and others who have asked me about my saved games recently.

Working with Saved games in NOLF2 (includes CJ)

When you first start the game after an install there is a default profile created. When you start a new game this default player profile is where your saved games will be stored. If you look at the folder in Windows Explorer you will see within the player folder another folder named singleplayer. Within this folder are several more folders that act as slots for each save. You will notice there are not enough slots available to save the game at each chapter much less several times during each chapter. You are not as limited to the number of saved games as it would seem though.
You can have many profiles like "player" by adding them as you need. For instance at the main game screen you have a selection available named "profile", inside this selection is a menu to allow creating, loading, and deleting profiles. You could create several profiles naming them something like chapter1, chapter2, chapter3, on. The problem of course would be if you played with the profile "chapter1" until you finished the chapter and loaded profile "chapter2" there would be no way to continue. There are ways around this problem.
If you copy the default profile using Windows Explorer and then paste into the "save" folder you can rename the folder to whatever you want. If you have previously created profiles named 'chapter1" and "chapter2" and have finished chapter 1 then with windows explorer delete the chapter2 folder, copy and paste the "chapter1" folder and rename it to chapter2. When you go into the game both profiles should have the exact saved games. Load profile "chapter2" and save over the chapter 1 saved games. Continue this for the remaining chapters.
Let's say you copy "chapter1" folder and paste it to the save folder and rename to "chapter2" but you did not create a "chapter2" profile. That's no problem just start the game and in the profile menu select create. Name the new profile "chapter2" to match the folder.
Another way to do it is to rename the default profile's saved slots. You will note they are called slot01, slot02, on. Fill the slots up with saved games and then in windows copy and paste the slots to the same folder so you will have copy of slot01, copy of slot02... Now you can rename these copies to any description you want. When you want to use them again just rename the existing slot01 and rename your description slot to slot01 and so on.
Let's say you download some saved games like my cutscene saved games. The cutscene folder goes in the save folder like this "..\save\cutscene\.. or it can be called anything you want. The best thing to do is create a temp folder and unzip the saved games into that folder. Once you see the folder structure and names you can move it to the save folder. Enter the game and create a profile of the exact name of the downloaded saved game folder.

Any game that is saved with another mod running may not load without that mod running. For instance if your buddy is playing the SP game from start to finish with the Pegasus mod checked in the custom menu and saves at strategic places through the game and then sends you the saved games even though he never started the Pegasus mod the saved games will not work unless you have the mod running in the custom menu also. This of course depends on if any calls were made that access the modified DLL files and were included in the saved game. Many times I have heard people say that the saved games no longer work when they upgraded the versions. This again is true depending on what was running when the saved game was mods or cracks. I actually had to trash many of my saved games because I had either the Pegasus or Dan's spectator mod running when I saved the games and they didn't work on other systems not running the mods.

It is always a good idea to backup the entire save folder before attempting to modify the folders outside of the game play.

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