Updated Gamespydll

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Updated Gamespydll

Post by Spawn » Tue May 05, 2020 4:55 pm

I had some issues getting a Contract J.A.C.K server up and running properly, sometimes it showed and sometimes it didn't. I figured out that the urls for connecting to the masterserver was stored in gamespy.dll unlike nolf1 and nolf2 where they are stored in cshell.dll. This file can be edited without changing the game version from v1.1 (no mod).

This file will make the game connect directly to qtracker instead of being redirected through the windows hosts file.


Simply replace the one in the Contract J.A.C.K base directory, run the game and join servers.

When hosting you'll still need to run the Qtracker uplink tool to maintain heartbeat for some reason.

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