Missing maps on SFI's CJ server?

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Post by Spawn » Mon Dec 20, 2004 8:09 pm

I've noticed a lot of people got booted because of missing maps at SFI's CJ server

You'll need:

1) the pegasus mod located at <a href='http://tmf.nolfgirl.com' target='_blank'>tmf.nolfgirl.com</a>

2) Jimbo's CJ-Woods map located <a href='http://arneil.net/cjwoods.zip' target='_blank'>here</a>
3) Koyuki's Tussle in the temple map located <a href='http://www.boards.jp/web/bakamattsu/tusslecj.zip' target='_blank'>here</a>

These maps 2 maps are also located at <a href='http://www.clan-world.co.uk' target='_blank'>Clan world</a> in the CJ mappack!

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