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Post by Coty » Wed Jul 13, 2005 12:33 pm

I removed Blood Ravine Demo because the mouse was a pain to figure out. I mean, when I pushed it forward, it was like my head on on the ground. It's a 3 'rd person game. But I couldn't get the mouse to act right and after 20 minutes of trying to get my head off the floor, I gave up and removed it.

Doom 3 didn't turn me on either. The demo places my in an underground base on Mars. The intro was ok, but I wound up in the dark trying to kill zombies. Nope, not scary to me. The Thing was better. The graphics were not as good but it did scare me the first time I ran up on a critter... I think the Nolf2 players would like The Thing. It kinda reminds me of Nolf2. So far it hasn't been hard to solve. But I'm getting tired of it fast. Doom 3 sucks though.

American Chopper sucks too. The bike can't be driven with the mouse. You have to use keys, and you overshoot the turns.

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