Scale Standards

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Scale Standards

Post by Spawn » Tue Feb 26, 2019 2:20 pm

Scale Standards
The N.O.L.F. universe tries to create a believable environment with objects and structures that are in a realistic scale. The tutorials aren’t necessarily to scale for simplicity of building and learning. Below is a list of scale standards used to create a realistic environment in the Jupiter engine. Wall thickness in general should be 16 units.

For some of these, the ideal height wasn't a multiple of 16, so I gave the closest multiple of 16 and a more ideal multiple of 8 or 4.

Doorknob Height 48 (56 ideal)

Door Height 128

Door Width 64 (not including frame)

Door Thickness 4

Table Height 48

Bar Height 64

Wall Switch Height 64 (72 ideal)

Chair seat Height 32

Chair Depth 24

Chair Back Height 64 (up to the shoulders

80 (just above top of head)

Minimum Crouch Height 64

Stair Height 16

Stair Depth 24

Handrail Diameter 4

Handrail Height 56

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