Add Demolition to the map

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Add Demolition to the map

Post by Spawn » Sun Sep 17, 2006 11:50 pm

How to add demolition mode to your map

Me and a few others have tried to make a rez that contains Demolition, doomsday,
team deathmatch & deathmatch.
There is a few issues with it though, Doomsday and Demolition won't
run on the same .DAT file, which means there must
be 2 dat files and 2 CFG files in the rez. 1 that contains the Doomsday map
and another that contains the Demolition map.

the problem is that both of them will display deathmatch and teamdeathmatch
even if you set DM & TDM to false in one of them.

I can't find any original map that contains both DD & DE either

The way I see it... It's Doomsday vs. Demoltion

You have to choose or accept that there will be 2 dm/tdm maps.
A nice way to solve this would for instance be a day and a night version
like Coty made when he built DeDust and DeDusk..

both of them were DD maps, but you could make one DD and one DE :thumb:

Needed prefabs

You'll need Spydave's demolition Prefabs for this

Put the file into your prefab folder.

Apply the prefab to the map:

Open the prefab called 'Spydave_demo' and go to the 'nodes'


Copy the 2 selected folders and paste them into your map

Then go to the 'nodes' again and select '1_bombtargetSPYDAVE'


Move it around untill you have it where you want the first bombtarget to be located
then repeat this step with the other two targets.

Make sure that the 'WorldProperties' you use is named 'WorldProperties0'

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>3) Add gamestartpoints</span>


As you can see in the nodes there are 2 folders in a folder called gamestartpoints
One that say 'Attacking' and one named 'Defending'
Move those around where you want the 'gamestartpoints' to be located.

As you can see, I marked the 'attacking/defending gamestartpoints' in the picture above.

Naming the map

Name the datfile DE_MAPNAME.DAT, then it will show up in all
the gamemodes except doomsday when you load the map into the game.


(I edited a few things in this tutorial since the original prefab was gone when went down, I hope I managed to puzzle all the stuff that was in
those prefabs together again.. I had to copy them out from a map)

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