Setup dedit properly

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Setup dedit properly

Post by Spawn » Wed Dec 28, 2005 11:02 pm

Setup Dedit properly

I noticed that Coty's setup dedit tutorial is missing :unsure:
well, here's the basics of how to setup dedit:

Dedit Setup

This step is very simple.. Run the installer for the Nolf2 tools, it will install iteself
inside you Nolf2 directory. Whenever it asks you to unpack resources go ahead and do so.

Then open the folder called Tools-->Bin in your Nolf2 directory and launch Dedit.exe

Dedit Paths

First of all, check that dedit knows where your working directory and lithtech.exe are.
You can check this by clicking Edit-->Options


A new window will appear


Click run

then you'll see the same thing as above..

the paths depends on where your game is installed on the computer,
I'll just go for the default settings here, however as you can see.. My game is located on drive E:\nolf2

Standard setup would be:

1. executable=c:\program files\fox\no one lives forever 2\lithtech.exe
2. Working Directory=c:\program files\fox\no one lives forever 2\
3. Program Agruments=-rez engine.rez -rez Game +runworld "%WorldName%"

you can now close this window if the settings are ok :thumb:



Click World-->Process

Then this window will appear


Check the path marked with red , it should lead to a file named TO2.DEP

Like before, my game is installed on E:\nolf2 but
the default location for TO2.DEP is

c:\program files\fox\no one lives forever 2\Game\

You should now be able to start editing!

Good Luck :thumb: :grin:

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